Cupcakes for a Cure

Welcome to Cupcakes for a Cure
The Bakery
We bake cupcakes to give joy, passion, love, and sweetness to the world. And in our opinion, homemade cupcakes are one of the things the south needs.
Our Best Products
  1. Lemon Creme
    Lemon Creme
  2. Oreo Cookie
    Oreo Cookie
  3. Cup-cakes by the Ocean
    Cup-cakes by the Ocean

What We Do

March 5, 2016

We sell homemade cupcakes for $2-$3 each, and we donate half of our proceeds to various charities each month. We have over 12 different flavors for you to choose from, as well as a choice of one cupcake to as many as 7 dozen. We started the business February 23, 2016 with the desire to bake, cure,
and care for people in the south. Since we have started we have made an Instagram page; , an email;  [email protected]m ,  donated over $1500 to select charities, andof course this website. We will soon offer special deals and offers that include kids night, special discount week, coupons, and more so check back soon!