Cupcakes for a Cure

Best team ever!

  1. Charlie W.
    Charlie W.
    General Manager
    I am an entrepreneur at heart that loves to help, start, and grow companies. When I saw this on one I couldn't help but to try to be hired. Since then it has grown tremendously and I am very happy to be able to help these young bakers with their company.
  2. Mattie L.
    Mattie L.
    I am a very social person who loves baking, helping other, and hanging out with my friends. I helped make Cupcakes for a Cure because I am creative and I like colorful foods and desserts.
  3. Katelyn R.
    Katelyn R.
    I am a nice, loving person. I love baking and helping people so that's why I made Cupcakes for a Cure with my friends.
The State
Big thanks to Janet Jones Kendall for introducing us to the media!

Lexington Kids Make Cupcakes With a Porpose
Q 93.5
Big thanks to Sadie and Croghan for our radio interview!

Lexington Kids Bring Causes to Cupcakes
We'd also like to thank A. Esselman for our TV interview!

Cupcakes for a Cure Brings Sweetness to Lexington