Cupcakes for a Cure

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With less than 400 colories in each cupcake

Pumkin Spice
Banana Pudding
Birthday Cake
$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

With a spice cake, home-made cream cheese frosting, and orange and black sprinkles, this is the perfect cupcake for Halloween, a birthday, or even just desert!
$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

Complete with a vanilla cookie, this simple yet elegant cupcake is made with a banana base and a homemade vanilla frosting.
$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

Made with a vanilla cake mix and chocolate icing, this will be the best "regular" cupcake you've ever had.

Caramel Drizzle Crunch

Cookies and Cream
Lemon Creme
$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

Delicious home-made caramel cake, whipped cream frosting, caramel, and some peanuts combine to make an amazing caramel cupcake.
$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

Filled with Oreos, this tasty treat has a chocolate base with an Oreo underneath, a made-from-scratch Oreo frosting, and a mini Oreo on top! Ore-whoah!
$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

Enjoy this lemon delight with a lemon base, lemon-whipped cream frosting,and a cookie on top. Oh, and it’s also filled with lemon curd too! This party favorite is one of our best sellers.

Cup-cakes by the Ocean
$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

No, the green in the cupcake is not mold. Its food coloring, which helps complee this summer favorite cupcake watermelon. it has a vanilla base with watermelon-cream cheese frosting, and chocolate chips to make it look and taste like the sweet summer treat.

$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

Another summertime favorite, cup-cakes by the ocean is named after hit song "Cake By the Ocean' by DNCE. But, looking past the name, the cupcake is made of a vanilla base with whipped cream frosting dyed blue. then, a gummy worm is threaded through a life saver to make this treat look good and taste good.

$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

Origionally made for the 4th of July, this spectacular snack can be enjoyed at any time. it is made with a sweet red velvet  base and creme chesse frosting with a red flare of Twizzlers dipped in icing and sprinkles. This fun snack is a big hit!

Granny's Red Velvet
Lemon Luau
Froggy Cakes

$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

A secret recipe for red velvet cake is used to create this masterpiece along with cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of a secret ingredient. This cupcake certainly is mysterious...

$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

This tasty pastry combines a strawberry base with a cream cheese lemon frosting to create one of our best selling cupcakes. It was so good, we had to come up with two names, so sometimes we call it Strawberry Milkshake (But its the same thing).

$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

These cute creations have a simple chocolate base with creme cheese frosting. but what sets us apart is our design. Using chocolates, M&Ms, and food dye we have made a froggy cake that kids simply love.

German Chocolate
A Day at the Beach
Black Forest
$3.00 per cupcake, $18 per dozen

These cupcakes, inspired by a suggestion, is made of a rich German chocolate base with even more chocolate frosting. It is then topped of with  creamy pecan and coconut bits to make this cupcake one of our most requested and chocolate-y products!
$3.00 per cupcake, $18 per dozen

Our newest creation is basically edible art. first, you have the vanilla base with whipped cream frosting (dyed blue). Then, you have Graham Cracker crumbs on one half. After that, you have a Teddy Graham on a Sour Patch Strip to create "A Day at the Beach".
$2.00 per cupcake, $16 per dozen

Also known as our signature Chocolate Cherry cupcakes, these cupcakes have chocolate base to make it extra moist, and on top is a ring of pie extra-creamy buttercream frosting. Finally, we literally put a cherry on top to bring this cupcake all together.